Catholic teachers "morally obligated" to join rally: Union

Catholic teachers are "morally obligated" to join teachers from public schools at a rally in favour of higher salaries, an independent teachers' union official said yesterday.

The Independent Education Union in SA yesterday notified members that because Catholic school salaries were based on pay rises secured by the public sector, they were "morally obligated" to attend the rallies, Adelaide Now reports.

"Our public colleagues cannot do the hard yards for our pay rises without the IEU supporting the campaign," state branch secretary Glen Seidel said.

"It may seem unusual . . . to be involved in the campaign but we will not free-load . . . there are no free rides."

The rally follows a deal in Victoria under which teachers in government schools from that state will go from being the nation's worst paid to its best paid.

South Australian teachers' groups are taking heart from the Victorian experience, where after months of tough talking, the State Government there yesterday caved in and gave teachers the pay rise they had been after for more than a year.

The Australian Education Union last week rejected the State Government's offer of a 9.75 per cent pay rise over three years. The offer was less than half of the 21 per cent demanded during the same period.

From next month, Victoria's top state school teachers will go from earning $65,414 a year to $75,500, and teachers in their first year will go from $46,127 a year to $51,184.

That is a 4.9 per cent immediate increase and teachers will receive a further 2.71 per cent every January for the next three years.

AEU state president Correna Haythorpe welcomed the involvement of SA's Catholic school teachers in the rallies.

Catholic Education SA director Allan Dooley declined to comment.


SA teachers take heart from Victorian experience (Adelaide Now, 6/8/08)

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