Beijing Olympics Bible ban

The Chinese government has slapped a Bible ban during the 2008 Olympics listing the holy text as a ‘prohibited object’ for athletes.

The Catholic News Agency reported the Bible and all other religious symbols were not allowed into the Olympic village due to security concerns.

However, a later report by the news service uncovered a contradictory policy as the Chinese Olympic Committee made a slight change to its total ban on religious items.

The policy stated "devotional objects” will be allowed in compliance with Chinese "freedom of religion" laws, but “religious objects meant to propagate a cult” would not be permitted.

On the official Beijing Olympic website, travellers are recommended to take no more than one Bible into China.

US Congressman Thaddeus McCotter addressed the ban this week, urging President Bush to re-think his attendance at the Games.

"As the world stumbles toward the communist propaganda extravaganza labeled the Beijing Olympics, somewhere Chairman Mao is looking up at us and laughing," Congressman McCotter said.

"Mr. President how many Bibles will you be taking to Beijing? Will you visit the 5 bishops and 15 priests imprisoned for opposing the Communist regime’s official church?

“No good government denies God’s presences.”

Congressman attacks Olympics Bible restrictions, admonishes President Bush, “No good government denies God’s presence,” says Rep. McCotter (Catholic News Agency, 8/11/07)

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