Euro Parliament accuses church over gay "hatred"

The European Parliament has passed a resolution criticising politicians and religious leaders for "discriminatory comments" on homosexuals and allegedly "fermenting hatred and violence".

Zenit reports that the resolution, which passed 325-124, with 150 abstentions, condemns the "discriminatory comments formulated by politicians and religious leaders about homosexuals, as fermenting hatred and violence - even if they were later withdrawn - and it asks that the hierarchies of the respective organisations condemn them as well."

The European Parliament did refuse to include the proposal of three Italians to publicly condemn Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco for his statements against homosexuals, which were falsely interpreted by the press and then later clarified.

The approved resolution invites member states to propose laws "that overcome discriminations suffered by same sex couples" and "reminds all member states that the prohibition of the Gay Pride Parade and the lack of protection offered to its participants are against the principles of the European Convention of human rights."

The resolution also proposes that an annual "International Day Against Homophobia" be held on 17 May.

However, Venice Cardinal Angelo Scola, Budapest Cardinal Peter Erdo and Msgr Aldo Giordano, president and secretary-general of the Council of European Bishops' Conferences defended the Church against accusations that it doesn't respect homosexual persons.

"There is no homophobia in the Catholic Church and it is time that all this ended," Cardinal Scola told the Italian bishops' television network, Sat 2000.

Referring to the European Parliament, he said: "There needs to be more respect for the orientation of our people. There is no need to tell lies."

Europarliament: Religious Leaders Homophobic (Zenit, 30/4/07)

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2 May 2007

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