Christian Brothers' provinces urged to go carbon neutral

The Christian Brothers' international Promoter of Eco-justice, Br Moy Hitchen, has told the congregation's provinces that they must measure the amount of carbon emissions produced by their activities, and pay to offset them.

In a letter to Edmund Rice Oceania which addresses the issue of global warming, Br Hitchen said it was time to develop a vision and to set goals in “eco-justice”

“A first step is to take stock of our ecological impact – as communities, as ministries, and as provinces,” Br Hitchen wrote.

“This is often called making an ecological audit; it can lead to an understanding of how our ecological footprint impacts on our world warming.”

Br Hitchen added as many countries become carbon neutral, market systems are being set up where carbon credits can be purchased to offset carbon emission.

“The hope is that, as the value of carbon credits rise, the alternative technologies, that can produce energy without much carbon emission, will receive higher levels of investment from this scheme.

“There is even the hope that, in those countries which are financially poor but still rich in natural ecosystems, their forests can be seen as carbon banks, which can attract overseas investment and preserve their forests.

Br Hitchen wrote the provinces can help by becoming aware of their energy and then they can reduce their reliance on sources of energy that produce high levels of carbon emissions.

“I think that our communities and ministries are already showing interest in reducing their ecological footprint.

“As a group so concerned with young people, the whole Edmund Rice Network is investing huge resources in the future of our planet, as our youth are our future.

“I suggest that provinces may want to set some sort of example by reflecting on their own use, and planning to become carbon neutral, at the level of province administration and management.”

SOURCE Carbon Neutral(Edmund Rice Oceania 23/10/07)

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