Monk creates comic book to teach faith

Building on his lifelong love of comic books, an Eastern Catholic monk has authored a short graphic novel, The Truth is Out There, to help explain the truths of the faith in an understandable way, reports the Catholic News Agency.

'The reason I did it in cartoon format was because I didn’t think my friends would read it any other way,' Amadeus – which is the author's pen-name – told CNA in a recent interview.

The Truth is Out There tells the story of two space-age mail carriers who begin discussing the meaning of life at a coffee bar, and as they search for truth, one comes to find it resting in the Catholic Church.

In the book's introduction, Amadeus recounts that the work began a few years before he entered the monastery, during a conversation he was having with three friends of his who were all 'born and raised Catholic.'

'It became appallingly clear how little any of us knew our faith…I had just stumbled upon the greatest problem of my generation of Catholics,' wrote Amadeus.

The monk told CNA that he 'grew up loving to read,' and his favorite comic was The Adventures of Tintin. When he was ten, he was given a book 'on how to draw comics.

'Two, actually; one was how to draw cartoons, the other was how to draw superheroes.'

FULL STORY Contemplative monk creates comic book to teach faith (CNA)

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