Sisters of Mercy stand up for asylum seekers

Sisters oppose govt

The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and PNG have called for an end to the 'inhumane treatment of asylum seekers', saying they are deeply distressed at the government’s decision to transport new arrivals to PNG.

"Our Sisters continue to vehemently condemn such actions which increase the suffering and anguish of asylum seekers and, simultaneously diminish our common humanity. Together with all people of good-will we seek an end to the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers," said Sister Berneice Loch RSM, the Leader of the Institute in a media release yesterday.

'Sisters of Mercy have lived and worked in Papua-New Guinea for more than 50 years, and are outraged by the Australian government’s decision to request the PNG government to implement the latest policy. We are concerned about the impact on the residents as the PNG government struggles to offer adequate health, education and housing services, law and order for its own residents.

'This arrangement, which takes the focus away from Australia’s obligations to the UN Refugee Convention, also increases the anxiety of asylum seekers and results in further deterioration of physical and psychological well-being.'


Demanding an ethical response for asylum seekers

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