Zimbabwean church leaders urge peaceful elections

Leaders urge peace

Church leaders in Zimbabwe have asked Christians around the world to pray for their country, and called for there to be no violence ahead of elections taking place today, reports the Independent Catholic News.

The ecumenical Zimbabwean Council of Churches (ZCC) has written an open letter requesting that political leaders avoid the bloodshed which marred elections in 2008.

'Men  and women of faith should play a positive role in maintaining sanity in all political processes. We must avoid bloodshed, abductions and other forms of violence that characterized the June 2008 elections,' they said.

'Today the nation of Zimbabwe is at cross-roads; a decisive moment, commonly called Kairos in theological terms, when God’s people are faced with making life changing choices as they seek God’s guidance.

'Our prayer is that even those who suffered this trauma will still see the value of voting. Our campaign must instil confidence to people who are living in fear because of memories of the last elections.'

The church leaders express concerns regarding attempts to divide churches for political gain, with some faith leaders being forced to attend political meetings. Other fears raised include state owned media bias, human rights violations, and the increasing difficulty for women and young people trying to vote or engage in the political process.

FULL STORY Zimbabwean Church leaders ask world to pray for peaceful elections (ICN)

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