Tim Fischer's 1000 days in Rome

At the Sydney book launch of his memoir yesterday at Mary MacKillop Place, Tim Fischer left no-one in doubt about the unique perspective he brought to the Holy See with his words of wit and wisdom, reports the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney.


Holy See, Unholy Me - tales from Tim Fischer's 1,000 days in Rome as Australia's first resident Ambassador to the Holy See -  provides a rare, fascinating and often humorous insight into the workings (and sometimes non-workings) of the Vatican by the former National Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister who has always epitomised colour, movement and action.

This phase in Tim's life started with a phone call from the then, and again present, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in July 2008. In January the following year he was launched into a new job which combined all his favourite things - politics, trains, food, faith, history,  Rome, and of course family, when they could visit.

He was both observer and active participant in a world of protocols and diplomacy. There were also other significant dimensions to his role.

In October 2012 Australia was to contest the ballot for a rotational seat on the United Nations Security Council. This would mean an intense four year campaign and Rome was seen as one of the hubs for this activity.

FULL STORY Tim Fischer launches memoir of his 1000 days in Rome

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