Heal Medicare, CHA tells politicians

A coalition of health care providers, including Catholic Health Australia, has called on politicians to address the problems facing Medicare ahead  of the federal election.

Medicare is failing while our politicians turn a blind eye to the widespread and growing inequities facing those needing treatment, says the group, which calls itself Mend Medicare, in a media release. 

Out-of-pocket health costs running into thousands of dollars a year for families and seniors, lengthening delays for elective surgery and widespread disparities in access to doctors and other health professionals demonstrate, it says.

The politicians’ conspiracy of silence over Medicare’s decline must end, the Mend Medicare coalition of health says. The coalition comprises: the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Catholic Health Australia, Consumers Health Forum of Australia, the Mental Health Council of Australia, and the Public Health Association of Australia.

Today they are launching a campaign to appeal to party leaders to spell out their plans to address Medicare’s malaise before the federal election.

The Mend Medicare coalition says it’s time both sides of politics acknowledged the growing barriers to care besetting millions of Australians, particularly the chronically ill, and act to restore what is meant to be a universal health system.


Mend Medicare, cays Coalition of care providers

Mend Medicare policy document

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