Bishop of Rockhampton appalled at asylum seeker policies

The Bishop of Rockhampton, Brian Heenan, yesterday expressed his concerns regarding the approach of the major political parties towards asylum seekers, saying he was 'appalled' at the policies of both Labor and the Opposition on this issue, reports The Morning Bulletin.

'We (Australia) pride ourselves on being the land of the fair go and being fair dinkum on helping people; but we have desperate people needing help and because they've come in the wrong way, they won't get help and will be sent to poorer countries,' Bishop Heenan said. 'To me it's the shedding of a clear responsibility, which falls on Australians shoulders.'

The Morning Bulletin approached Bishop Heenan and leaders of other denominations in Rockhampton for their thoughts heading into the election.

Bishop Heenan, who was the only religious leader prepared to comment, said he understood the asylum seeker issue was complex, but was sure anyone in a desperate situation would do the same and flee their country to give their family a better chance.

While not endorsing any particular party, Bishop Heenan said: 'We need to look at the party that will bring together the common good for most people in this country.'

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