Archbishop gives evidence on abortion inquiry

Archbishop Doyle

The Archbishop of Hobart, Adrian Doyle, in evidence to a government inquiry into abortion laws, has drawn comparisons between the psychological impact of abortion and sexual abuse, reports the ABC.

Archbishop Doyle has given evidence at an Upper House inquiry into laws which would remove abortion from the criminal code and allow women to terminate their pregnancies at up to 16 weeks on the advice of doctors.

He told the hearing that ending a pregnancy has long-term consequences just like sexual abuse. 'When we thought or many people did that it would all stop straight away well it hasn't and it doesn't and I suspect there's a parallel with this situation of people, women, going for years and years regretting the decision that they made.'

Archbishop Doyle says he remains uncomfortable with abortion, for any reason. 'This is about the life of an innocent yet-to-be born child,' he said.

The committee also heard from from the Council of Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity.

Spokesman Doctor Jamie Broadribb told MLCs a medical abnormality with the foetus should be included in the legislation as a justification for termination.

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