The reality of Christian persecution in today's world

Rowan Williams, the erudite former Archbishop of Canterbury, lamented that some Christians in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other Western nations claim 'persecution' whenever they don’t get their way, writes Michael O'Loughlin.

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At the recent Edinburgh International Book Festival, Williams said: 'Persecution is not being made to feel mildly uncomfortable. I am always very uneasy when people sometimes in this country or the United States talk about persecution of Christians or rather believers. I think we are made to feel uncomfortable at times. We’re made to feel as if we’re idiots — perish the thought!

'But that kind of level of not being taken very seriously or being made fun of; I mean for goodness sake, grow up. You have to earn respect if you want to be taken seriously in society. But don’t confuse it with the systematic brutality and often murderous hostility which means that every morning you get up wondering if you and your children are going to make it through the day. That is different, it’s real. It’s not quite what we’re facing in Western society.'

The brutality that Williams referenced is on full display for the world to see this northern summer. In Syria, 11 people, mostly Christians, were killed near a village where Christians, who have been victims of the brutal violence plaguing that country, have fled for safety. Earlier in the week, a Jesuit priest was kidnapped and killed. In Nigeria, 53 people, again mostly Christians, were killed in an Islamist attack aimed at the religious minority there.

And in Egypt, the military coup has turned violent, with police and military using deadly force against protesters loyal to ousted Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi. Some Islamists there believe Christians were loyal to ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak and the new regime. As a result, Christians there have been targeted in brutal, systemic attacks meant to instill fear into the religious minority.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Christians were blamed for initial attacks on protestors, resulting in the first raids on churches.

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