Asylum seeker issue a 'national race to the bottom'

Whenever we remove the human person from the issue of asylum seekers and refugees then we’ve fallen into the situation we are in at the moment which is a “national race to the bottom,” said Edmund Rice Centre director Phil Glendenning, reports The Catholic Weekly

“We need to put a human face on the issue,” he told at a Social Justice in the Pub event at Parramatta in Sydneys west. “It’s not an issue, it’s people … some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. 

“It’s not a border safety issue, it’s not a military issue; it’s a humanitarian situation that requires a serious humanitarian response. The human reality of why people move is missing from the debate entirely.” 

Mr Glendenning was guest speaker when the St Vincent de Paul Society hosted its latest Social Justice in the Pub event at the Commercial Hotel, Parramatta, on 22 August. 

The event is part of a series of social justice talks being held across the State.

Photo: Phil Glendenning addresses the crowd


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