Church workers kidnapped by Al-Qaeda-linked group in Philippines

Religious abduction

Gunmen believed to be from the al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf terrorist group abducted two Church workers on Wednesday in the southern Philippines province of Basilan, reports Ucanews.

Authorities said heavily armed men on board a jungkung, a Malaysian watercraft, came ashore in the village of Tairan in the remote coastal town of Lantawan, and snatched Frederick Banot and Cherden Masong.

Claretian missionary priest Eduardo Apungan said Banot and Masong work for the Claret Samal Foundation Inc (CSFI), a Church-based organisation dedicated to helping the Badjaos, an indigenous sea gypsy tribe in the southern Philippines.

Banot and Masong, who work for the organisation's literacy program in the village, were staying in the CSFI staff house when the kidnapping occurred.

Photo: Frederick Banot, one of the two men kidnapped 

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