Industrial espionage

The title sounds far more dramatic than what is seen in the film itself. Suggestions are that it is a psychological drama - or even a horror drama. However, this is a film about industrial espionage in New York City.

The film is an adaptation of a very interesting novel by Joseph Finder, an author of thrillers which explore the developments of technology, how they are used and abused, marketed and exploited. Perhaps one of the difficulties with Paranoia is that it intends to be a thriller but takes a lot of time out for the romance. In fact, at times it seems more like a romance with elements of espionage added in.

But, as it progresses, there are some moments of tension and a couple of twists, not entirely unpredictable, which make the plot more interesting. The film has a very good cast which does give it some strength. The central character, Adam Cassidy, is played by Liam Hemsworth can capitalise on romantic comedy good looks but with the serious plot, he is more serviceable than dramatic, a role which demands showing the audience his moral dilemmas more tellingly.

There are two quite a ruthless company owners. Gary Oldman, with a flattish British accent, is a powerful CEO. He had worked with a mentor but moved out and established his own company. It has fallen on hard times, and he is interested in stealing information about an invention, a computerised wallet full of personal information and apps, from his former boss.

The screenplay is something of a Reader’s Digest paring down of Finder’s novel. Which means that it is an OK time-passing thriller entertainment with romance but not a story or a film that remains in the memory - Peter Malone, ACFOB

Starring Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Richard Dreyfuss, Amber Heard, Embeth Davidtz, Julian McMahon, Lukas Till. Directed by Robert Luketic. 106 minutes. Rated M (Violence and adult themes).


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