Why nuns are so cool

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Since the feast day of Blessed Mother Teresa earlier this month, I have been reflecting on the vocation of women religious. So in honour of Mother Teresa, here are three reasons nuns are amazing and how their example has changed my life.

- Vanessa Gonzalez Kraft, Busted Halo

1. Habits – The habits that nuns wear are awesome. Especially the really old school ones. If I ever had become one, I would have hoped for the big pointy head covering. There is something so bold about the public witness of a nun wearing her habit.

I believe that symbols are important and a habit is such a beautiful symbol. When we see a nun out and about, our mind is brought to God. It reminds me that I have no idea what work God is performing through the people around me and reminds me that we are all 'walking around shining like the sun.' The beauty of their holiness, of their vocation, is not only inward but an outward reflection as well.

One time when Brandon and I were in Rome we had taken a wrong turn and ended up in a pretty dangerous part of town. I started feeling nervous, but then I spotted a group of nuns walking down the street. I was immediately calmed. They felt like safety to me. Like family. I knew that if anything happened to us and we needed help, they would come to our aid. There was no doubt in my mind that they would take care of us.

2. True Freedom – What I love about the vocation to be a Religious is the freedom that comes with it. Not the kind of freedom that lets us do whatever we want. But true freedom that allows us to do the work of God at all times without inhibitions. To be a nun, these women must be so detached from everything that our society so prizes. They are not attached to material goods. They can travel to far off-places and help people in the most desperate of circumstances. As a nun, your whole being is dedicated to service and prayer at all times, and the community around you expects nothing less. When held to this high standard of holiness, one must rise up to meet it.

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