UK PM's spin doctor felt 'Catholic guilt' over his behaviour

Damian Brown guiltridden

The former spin doctor for British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and now media director of CAFOD, has said he feels 'sorry and ashamed' about his behaviour while in power, reports The Catholic Herald.

In the week that his memoirs, Power Trip: A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin, were serialised in The Daily Mail, Damian McBride said that during his time working for the former Chancellor, 'with a well developed sense of Catholic guilt, I was in the bad position of being aware that what I was doing was wrong and being carried away with what I felt were the demands of the job. I was becoming corroded morally, and [was not] able to do anything about it.'

He added: 'As Gordon Brown came under more threats from internal opponents and from the Conservative Party, the sense that he needed defending increased, and unfortunately my version of defending him became warped.'

Among his confessions, Mr McBride admitted leaking details about the personal lives of Labour ministers who were viewed as a threat to Gordon Brown’s ambitions to become Prime Minister.

Mr McBride resigned from the government in 2009 after reports had emerged that he tried to circulate false rumours about political opponents.

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