Ganswein 'tried to stop Benedict resigning'

Archbishop Ganswein

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the personal secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, says he tried to persuade Benedict to stay on and continue his work as Pope, reports The Tablet.

Asked in an interview in the German weekly Bunte whether then Pope Benedict had talked to him about his intention to resign, Archbishop Gänswein said he had known about the Pope's intention for 'quite some time beforehand' and had tried to change his mind, but failed. 'Pope Benedict had reached a decision. He was not to be shaken,' he said.

The VatiLeaks affair in which private documents were leaked to the press had nothing to do with Benedict's decision, Archbishop Gänswein insisted. He had come to the conclusion that he lacked the necessary strength to go on leading the Church in such turbulent times and that 'a new, strong helmsman was required to take control of the situation.'

Asked how close the relationship between Pope Francis and his predecessor was, Archbishop Gänswein differences lay in certain matters of style and taste but not in matters of faith.

The biggest difference between them was the way they approached people, Archbishop Gänswein said.

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