Marriage between man and woman, says Monsignor


Monsigner John Woods, administrator of the Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, said marriage was by definition between a man and a woman, as the weekend's same-sex weddings were held in Canberra.

- The Canberra Times 

Monsigner Woods accused advocates of peddling propaganda on the notion of equality being key to same-sex marriage. 'It’s as if if this doesn’t get over the line we’re undermining the diginity and claims for equality of many, and I just don’t buy that,' he said.

Monsigner Woods said opinions on same-sex marriage within Canberra’s Catholic community reflected the variety of those help more broadly. Australia needed to have a discussion about the nature of marriage, he said. But Monsigner Woods said he did wish everyone well in the lead up to the Christmas season.

ACT Chief minister Katy Gallagher should not have allowed this weekends’ same-sex weddings to go ahead, the ACT opposition leader said.

Canberra Liberals MLA Jeremy Hanson said while he was ambivalent to the idea of legalising same-sex marriage, he maintained it should be an issue to be dealt with at a federal level. 'I just hope [same-sex couples] are going into their weddings with their eyes wide open to the fact that there is a real chance that this will be overturned and annulled,' he said.

'I’m worried about the affects on a whole range of individuals as a result of this.'

Mr Hanson accused the government of being irresponsible in raising the expectations of couples that the territory’s same-sex marriage laws would be upheld in the High Court.'The legal advice that I’ve seen indicates quite strongly that I think that it is unlikely that the legislation will be valid,' he said.

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