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Diocese of Darwin

Vast coverage

The unique character of the diverse and vast Diocese of Darwin in the Northern Territory makes it well worth a 'virtual visit' via its web page.

This website contains information for worship, devotion, prayer and community service in the Northern Territory- but also picture galleries and historical pieces which evidence the unique character of the place.

The a diverse and expansive Diocese covers about 1.5million sq. kms and embraces many indigenous communities. From the experiences of a frontier past, to Japanese air raids on Darwin, to its modern cosmopolitan existence, the Church in the Northern Territory has intriguing stories to tell.

The web page can be found here: http://www.darwin.catholic.org.au/home.htm

Mass on Demand


From St Mary’s, North Sydney. The first Mass of the day on YouTube

Mass Online


Live streamed from Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara


Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer

All your daily readings, reflections and prayers can be found here...