Detained Chinese bishop Ma 'given political lessons'

Bishop Ma

As prisons go, it's a relatively pleasant one. But the Sheshan seminary on the outskirts of Shanghai, is being used for the effective confinement of China's missing bishop, Thaddeus Ma Daqin, reports the BBC.

Friends of Bishop Ma said that he does enjoy certain limited freedoms. He can get permission to come and go from the seminary, they said, but not to leave the wider Shanghai area.

And, as his followers will know, he's been allowed to keep his internet blog updated, although most of the postings are simple, biblical quotes that shed little light on his well-being.

But while he might not be shackled to his bed, his enforced 'retreat' continues and, after almost 18 months, the authorities have still not finished with him.

Bishop Ma is being sent to political lessons'' - communist indoctrination by any other name - three times a week.

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