Heavenly sounds at only US Catholic boys' choir school

Choir practice

While some students may fantasise about breaking into song in the middle of a school day, it's a common occurrence at St Paul's Choir School in Massachussetts, reports NCR.

'We used to joke that it was like an episode of Glee,' said Merritt Prinzivalli, an English teacher at the only US Catholic boys' choir school, nestled in Harvard Square. 'I joke with the boys and say, "Gosh, you know, I come in in the morning with a song on the radio in my head, and my classroom is right underneath the rehearsal room, and I always leave the school day singing Alleluia."'

The sound of heavenly music is ever-present in the hallways of the small school building. Sometimes it's coming from the boys rehearsing liturgical choir refrains. Sometimes it's coming from the ivory keys of a piano during a lesson. And other times it's just a student who spontaneously releases an angelic melody.

The frequent melodious reverberations gave eighth-grader Atticus Olivet a lasting impression of the first time he walked into the school building.

'It was magical,' Atticus said, fiddling with the red and blue striped tie resting on his flawlessly pressed white shirt. 'It's still magical every day that I come to school. Yes, we're learning and we're studying and our workload can be pretty crazy. But, hey, we get to go to school where music is always around you.'

Founded in 1963, the St Paul's Choir School is celebrating its 50th year, and in November, a group of current students travelled to Rome to sing for Pope Francis.

'It's a great honour for our boys to perform for our new Pope, on this, our 50-year anniversary,' said William McIvor, headmaster of the school, which has a maximum enrollment of 60 students in fourth through to eighth grades.

In the days before the boys - and a select group of teachers, parents and staff - departed for Rome, there was a growing exhilaration about the trip, endless rehearsals and a packed church to hear the choir perform.

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