Fr Morgan Batt - In Conversation with Richard Fidler

Fr Morgan Batt

Fr Morgan Batt was the local parish priest at the time of the Port Arthur massacre. He has worked all over the world in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable.

Fr Batt was the young parish priest in Port Arthur in 1996; and his entire first communion class was executed during the massacre there.

He worked with police at the site, and in the weeks and months following became a focal point for people trying to come to terms with what had happened. Fr Batt spent some years with the Australian Army as a chaplain and uses his army training in his current role, working with young men who are considering the priesthood.

And every chance he gets, Fr Batt climbs mountains. He has celebrated the highest Mass in the world, on Mount Everest.

Hear the interview: Fr Morgan Batt in conversation with Richard Fidler (ABC)