Inscription may confirm stories about David and Solomon

Old Testament evidence

A new translation of an inscription on an ancient pitcher may confirm Old Testament stories about King David and Solomon, reports Catholic Online.

'We are dealing here with real kings, and the Kingdom of David and Solomon was a real fact,' Gershon Galil, from the department of Jewish History at Haifa University, says.

Galil believes the inscription is actually a form of ancient Hebrew. Eight letters long, the inscription was engraved on a large clay pitcher in the second half of the 10th century BC, during Biblical times.

Found in the Ophel area of the city, south of Temple Mount, the discovery was part of a dig by the Archaeological Institute, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

A word on the pitcher reads 'yayin' or wine and he believes the whole inscription should read 'in the year [.] M, wine, part, m [.].' Galil explains that the first missing word ends with 'mem,' which is the final part of the word for the 20th or 30th year of the kingdom which effectively dates the wine.

Galil thinks the carving was produced after King Solomon had built the first temple, his palaces and city walls.

FULL STORY Ancient pottery may confirm Old Testament stories about King David and King Solomon (Catholics Online)

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