Kimberley Josephites: Reflections on Aboriginal education

Warmun community school

When two young nuns came to the Kimberley in the 1970s, they couldn't have guessed how their lives would become so entwined with the Warmun community and a seminal time in Aboriginal education, reports the ABC.

In 1979, the East Kimberley Aboriginal community of Warmun needed help to set up a new kind of school. They invited two Catholic Josephite nuns, Sr Clare Ahern and Sr Theresa Morellini, to help set up a new kind of school.

It was a time of change across the north of Western Australia, and the two sisters found themselves at the forefront of a new concept in Australian education.

'It was the beginning of the Land Rights Movement, and there was a strong feeling in all the communities in the Kimberley that they needed to hold onto their culture,' Sr Clare says.

Listen to their recollections here.


Kimberley nuns recall the excitement of reshaping Aboriginal education (ABC)