UN report showed ideological influence, Boston caridnal says

Cardinal critical

A United Nations commission report on the Vatican’s response to abuse of children was not 'fair or particularly helpful,' but took an 'ideological' approach, Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston has said, reports the Catholic News Agency.

In a February 7 post on his blog, Cardinal O’Malley said that he was 'surprised' to read accounts of the recent report on the Holy See issued by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

He said he had thought the commission would 'examine the policies and practices' of the Vatican before making the report. Doing so would have provided a 'valuable contribution' because the Holy See 'needs to model policies for child protection for the rest of the dioceses in the world,' he reflected.

'Instead, they extrapolated to the life of the Church, which is not their competency, and interjected many of their own ideological preferences.'

In its February 6 report, the UN committee claimed that the Vatican had 'systematically' adopted policies allowing priests to rape and molest children. The report said the Church should open its files on previous cases of abuse. It criticised Catholic teaching on homosexuality, contraception and abortion, advocating a change in Catholic doctrine.

FULL STORY US cardinal says UN report showed ideological influence (CNA)

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