A Town like Alice and a Sister called Magdalena

Sr Magdalena with friends

Dear reader, friendly greetings from Alice Springs – a town of about 26,000 people in the middle of nowhere. I have been in this town for a bit more than 2.5 years, writes Holy Spirit Missionary, Sister Magdalena Leutterova.

- Catholic Religious Australia

And I am pleased to realise that all my life experiences prepared me for being easy with 'Alice.' A short version of my life’s journey would say: 'A journey from the heart of Europe to the heart of Australia – from the Geographical Centre of Europe to the Red Centre of Australia.' Dear reader, allow me to tell you more.

I was born in the former Czechoslovakia – the part which is now called Slovakia and where the geographical centre of Europe lies. Since fifteen, I have accepted responsibility for my own faith development and growth. This growth has never stopped although some changes have occurred. I found my personal God who is a God of love and compassion. As a consequence of being in love with Jesus I wanted to belong totally to Him. I had read and heard about missionaries who left their homeland and went to foreign countries to spread the Good News.

This aroused my interest in missionary work and led to a search for a religious congregation that was missionary oriented. I found such a congregation and was accepted as a member in 1976 and my first job in the congregation was to finish my university studies. I made my religious profession as a Holy Spirit Missionary Sister (SSpS) in 1982.

My aspiration to love and serve God as a missionary was complicated by the reality that in the years of my searching and consequent religious formation, the country of my origin was a communist country. Its regime was not supportive of my desires but when the door is closed, God opens the window.

My journey from Slovakia (1984) to Alice Springs (2011) consists of some shorter/longer journeys and some stops between them. I spent about two and half years in Rome, Italy as a refugee before officially migrating to Australia. The first assignment in my new country was of course to learn English. After my final commitment to God and God’s people (1989) I was sent to Ghana, Africa where I was for nine years.

FULL STORY Sr Magdalena's natural ease with 'Alice' (Catholic Religious Australia)

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