Rare German masterpiece comes out of the closet

Rohden Crucifixion 1854

A painting that was kept in a closet in a college in northern England for 30 years and is hailed by scholars as a masterpiece has gone on display for the first time, reports The Catholic Herald.

The work, by the German painter Franz von Rohden, was hung in a chapel at Ushaw College in Durham until the 1970s, when it was put in storage. It was discovered following the closure of the seminary in 2011.

The painting had been commissioned in the 1850s by Mgr Charles Newsham, the president of Ushaw, who wanted it for private devotion.

On the advice of Cardinal Wiseman, he had sought a painting from the Nazarene school – a group of German artists who moved to Rome to emulate pre-modern masters of the 15th century.

Dr Stefano Cracolici of Durham University described the painting as a 'unique and rare masterpiece.' He said the painting came to Ushaw amid Pius IX’s drive to promote Catholic art all over the world, from Chile to Goa.

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