Kasper proposes appointing women as heads of Pontifical councils

Women in church

Cardinal Walter Kasper believes there are 'too many bishops in the Curia' and has suggested putting women at the helm of the Pontifical councils, reports Vatican Insider.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Avvenire, Cardinal Kasper said: 'Women’s role in the Church should be rethought and integrated into the Pope’s ideas for greater synodal dynamism and a missionary conversion'.

In effect, he said, women should be offered leadership roles within the Pontifical councils and in the future Congregation for the Laity given how many bishops the Curia has. Temporary mandates should be introduced in the Curia to prevent careerism, calling priests who already have some pastoral experience.

'Up until now, women have generally only attended the synod as auditors, holding roles of little significance,' Kasper said in the interview. 'There are always two or three female auditors who speak at the end of the meetings when everyone has already spoken.

'I ask myself how it is possible to prepare two synods on the family without giving a role of primary importance to women? A family cannot exist without women. It makes no sense to speak about the family without listening to what they have to say. I think they need to be called and listen as of right now, as we enter the preparatory phase.'

The German cardinal who gave the opening speech at the recent Consistory on the family went on to say the following: 'I think that women need to be present at every level and even given positions of full responsibility. The intuition which the female mind has to offer is a vital resource.

'A Church without women is a mutilated Church. There are so many of them actively involved in Church bodies. Can we imagine community, charity and cultural centres today with no women? Without them, parishes would close down tomorrow. Women are already ahead and out there in a Church like Francis’ that is "going out".'

FULL STORY Kasper proposes appointing women as heads of pontifical councils (Vatican Insider)

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