Priest's apology falls on deaf ears

Victim walkout

Victims of a pedophile priest have walked from a Victorian court as he stood to read an apology to them, reports AAP on SBS.

The victims of a Victorian pedophile priest took little comfort in his apology. As the priest stood to face the men he abused as schoolboys more than 30 years ago, several could not handle his pre-prepared confession, and walked out of the courtroom.

'I abused your trust and betrayed you in the most appalling circumstances, for that I am truly sorry,' the priest said. 'Everything you have tried to achieve in life has been poisoned by my actions. I know no matter what I say it won't take away the hurt and pain you have suffered.'

Defence barrister Julie Sutherland said the apology was evidence of her client's true remorse. The priest had completed a sex offenders course during his last stint in jail for abusing schoolboys, and his family and friends would help his rehabilitation.

FULL STORY Vic priest apologises but victims leave (AAP/SBS)

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