Harassment of 'Women Who Eat On Tubes'

Objectified on the underground

The subject of women on trains ('tubes') is currently making the headlines in England because people, mainly men, discreetly photograph women while they eat on tubes and send them to a website, writes Madeleine Teahan in The Catholic Herald.

A few years ago I was travelling on the London Underground's District Line to meet a friend for his birthday. A group of tourists got on the train and sat opposite me. After a few attention-seeking antics, I turned up the volume on my Ipod, determined to studiously ignore them. It then became apparent that they were videoing me. They were laughing heartily as other passengers looked on uncomfortably and I felt increasingly miserable. I wanted to confront them but I worried what might happen if they followed me off the tube.

Fortunately they got off before my stop and I was grateful that I didn’t have to face them beyond the barriers. But as they victoriously departed I knew that they had that video and realised it was possible, with the added bonus of a zoom function, they were probably still laughing at me or parts of me and - with the power of YouTube - so might everyone else be.

The very specific subject of women on Tubes is currently making the headlines because of the now defunct Facebook group ‘Women who eat on tubes’ where people, mainly men, discreetly photograph women while they eat on tubes and send them to the website. You can still see the Tumblr site here.

Catholic women are understandably wary of jumping on today’s feminist bandwagons, as we don’t usually accept many of their premises on gender and maternity. But we should feel genuinely horrified about this sneaky and invasive craze and one has to ask the question, why the sole focus on women?

FULL STORY Catholic women should join the fight against Women Who Eat On Tubes (The Catholic Herald)

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