Miracle women share stories of being saved

Francis with Floribeth Diaz

Floribeth Mora Diaz fought back tears as she said that the late Pope John Paul II had saved her from an inoperable brain aneurysm three years ago, reports the Religion News Service on Ucanews.

Mora was on hand at yesterday’s historic ceremony in St Peter’s Square as Pope Francis canonised both John Paul II and John XXIII.

The Costa Rican mother of four faced the world’s media on Thursday to explain how her inexplicable recovery was a miracle that had led to the popular Polish Pope being declared a saint. Two miracles have been attributed to John Paul’s intercession with God, paving the way for his sainthood.

In 2011, Mora was suffering from persistent headaches and was told by doctors that her days were numbered. They said her aneurism was in a 'delicate' area and her only option was treatment in Mexico or Cuba, but her family could not afford it.

'The doctors told me there was no sense to continue treatment because they had done everything and there was not much more we could do,' Mora told a packed media conference. 'They said I only had one month to live and there was no hope.'

Confined to bed, she lay holding a magazine with a cover photograph of the Polish Pope in her home in Tres Rios de Cartago, 12 miles from the capital of San Jose. Her husband, Edwin, urged her to pray.

Photo: Floribeth Mora Diaz of Costa Rica speaks at a press conference in Vatican City on Thursday

FULL STORY Women behind popes' miracles share their stories (Ucanews)

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