US cardinal slams anti-Catholic ad in NY Times

Cardinal Dolan critical

A New York Times ad criticising Catholic Supreme Court justices who ruled in favour of Hobby Lobby’s religious freedom case is part of traditional anti-Catholic bigotry, according to Cardinal Timpthy Dolan of New York, reports the CNA.

'In keeping with a long, shadowy, legacy of antipathy, justices who happen to be Catholics… are branded and bullied by a group who only succeed in providing the latest example of a prejudice that has haunted us for centuries,' Cardinal Dolan said in his July 3 column for Catholic New York.

The Cardinal facetiously thanked the Freedom from Religion Foundation for giving him 'yet another handout' for his talks on anti-Catholic bigotry.

The secularist foundation’s full page ad, headlined Dogma should not trump our civil liberties, ran on July 3 on page 10 in The New York Times’ front section. It claimed that the 'all-male, all-Roman Catholic majority' on the Supreme Court 'puts religious wrongs over women’s rights.'

It claimed that the Supreme Court majority in the Hobby Lobby case was an 'ultra-conservative, Roman Catholic majority' that sided with 'zealous fundamentalists.'

The ad reacted to the Supreme Court’s June 30, 5-4 ruling, that the Obama administration violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in attempting to mandate that closely held corporations provide employees with insurance coverage for possible abortifacient drugs.

The legal cases concerned Hobby Lobby, a craft store giant owned by a Protestant family, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, which is owned by a Mennonite family. Both employers objected that they could not provide some of the required drugs without violating their religious beliefs.

The five justices who ruled in Hobby Lobby’s favour are Catholic; one remaining Catholic justice, Sonia Sotomayor, sided with the Obama administration, as did the court’s three Jewish justices.

Cardinal Dolan said the Freedom From Religion Foundation ad did not provide a 'robust examination' of the decision in a way that attacked ideas and viewpoints.

FULL STORY Cardinal Dolan slams anti-Catholic NY Times ad (Catholic News Agency)

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