Apathy over plight of Iraqi Christians is shameful

Christian houses marked

British Prime Minister David Cameron caused consternation among the secular intelligentsia in 2011 when he declared: 'We are a Christian country and we should not be afraid to say so.' Yet where is a 'Christian foreign policy',  asks The Tablet in an editorial.

For instance, can a 'Christian country,' or at least a Government thereof which sees itself in such terms, ignore what is happening to Christians overseas?

Francis Campbell, a distinguished holder of the post of British Ambassador to the Holy See, has challenged the Prime Minister via social media about his apparent indifference to what is happening to Christian communities in Iraq. The entire Christian population of Mosul, a presence there for at least 1,600 years, has been driven out by the Islamist fanatics of ISIS under the threat of death or forced conversion.

'A culture and civilisation is being destroyed and our political leaders are silent,' Mr Campbell said. 'Why is the UK silent on the ethnic cleansing of Christians from Mosul?'

In Iraq and Syria the Arab 'spring' has quickly turned, for Arab Christians, into the deepest and darkest Arab winter. Almost everywhere, ancient Christian villages were dotted across the mainly Muslim landscape. Now whole areas have been emptied of a faith that had been present far longer than Islam.

But what has happened in Mosul adds a new and horrific dimension – Christian properties  marked with the letter N for 'Nazarene' to single them out; churches converted to mosques, or burnt. 

FULL STORY Shameful apathy over Christians’ plight

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