Jesuit Restoration 1814


This website concerns all things related to the bicentenary of the restoration of the Society of Jesus, which occurred precisely two hundred years ago today.

This web-resource commemorates the papal bull Sollicitudo Omnium Ecclesiarum (The care of all Churches) issued in 1814 by Pope Pius VII, which officially and universally re-established The Society of Jesus after 41 years of suppression. 

The website seeks to offer a free resource explaining the circumstances that lead to the Suppression of the Jesuits, their survival in Russia and their restoration by Pius VII. Looking at the timing of key events, the most important characters involved, exploring some of the issue that lead to these events.  As always, there are heroes and villains, saints and sinners.  

It also looks at the Society, post-restoration, and what inspiring men and achievements have come out of the ashes of the Suppression.

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