Celebrate true meaning of Christmas: Pope

Pope Benedict has asked Christians to highlight the real, religious meaning of Christmas in their celebrations, reports the Catholic News Service.

"Celebrate a truly Christian Christmas," he said, one marked by "the joy of knowing that God is close and wants to walk with us on our journey through life."

"Let us make sure that even in today's society our Christmas greetings do not lose their profound religious meaning and the celebration is not absorbed by exterior aspects," the Pope said yesterday.

With about 5,000 pilgrims and visitors gathered for his weekly general audience on December 21, the pontiff said he knows people today sometimes find it hard to begin a relationship with God, who they cannot see, and to truly celebrate the birth of Jesus, an event that occurred 2,000 years ago.

Yet the Christmas liturgy proclaims, "Today a saviour is born for us," he said.

The liturgy's use of "today," he said, means that "today, right now, God offers us - me and each one of you - the possibility of knowing him and welcoming him as the shepherds of Bethlehem did. He is born into our lives, renews them and transforms them with his grace and his presence."


Highlight religious meaning of Christmas, pope asks Christians (Catholic News Service)


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