Opinion - Thanks for nothing Baby Boomers

Dear Baby Boomers, thanks a lot for telling us religion and reason are opposed. You fed us Chicken Soup for the Soul and tenth rate rock bands in church while leaving intelligence to the nihilists. Then you wonder why we leave the church and think that you're just an old fool. Could it be because you never told us that great Christians could think too?

Thanks a lot for telling us to make love and not make war. Now we are dying of AIDS and killing our babies by the millions. Great help that was. Besides, we still are at war, we just got the double whammy.

Thanks a lot for telling us how great birth control was. Comprehensive sex-ed in schools would make STDs a thing of the past, or so the snake oilers said. You just forgot to tell us that condoms aren't full protection and that abstinence is possible. - Rebekah Hebbert, MercatorNet (click below for full article)


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