Feature - Jesus and Peter in John's Gospel

The Resurrection of Christ, the most awesome event in history, accompanies in the Gospel of St John the spiritual resurrection of St Peter. The tripartite questioning is symbolic, for in the three questions that are asked lies a penitential act with each subsequent affirmation of love erasing each previous denial of Peter's on Holy Thursday.

But there is also a deeper reading to this passage that is only unlocked when one studies the original Greek text. For a much richer story lies beneath the limited gloss of the English translation.

The English language, although rich in scope, has only one word for love, whereas the Greek, the language of the New Testament, gives us four words: eros, or sexual love; philio, the love between friends; storge, the love between family members; and agape, unconditional love.

So what exactly was being said between Christ and Peter? - Andrew Kania, AD2000 (click below for full article)