Blogwatcher - Govt cuts funding to Catholic volunteer agency


PALMS, the Catholic overseas volunteer organisation, has launched a petition to Foreign Minister Bob Carr in protest against a government decision to cut its funding.

AusAID has decided to end funding to Palms Australia, the Catholic Church's overseas volunteer agency. If you'd...

— Fr Andrew Chase (@FrAndrewPP) June 8, 2013

On Wednesday we tweeted 100 reasons to sign our petition, please have a look and RT your favourites…

— Palms Australia (@palmsaustralia) June 7, 2013

* * *

Meanwhile, Melinda Tankard Reist and Collective Shout have been calling on the Immigration Department to revoke the visa of Tyler the Creator, an American rapper who is performing in Australia at the moment.

Our petition to shut down Tyler the Creator's @eatonhillshotel Brisbane concert has almost 15 000 signatures…

— Collective Shout (@CollectiveShout) June 7, 2013

Australian campaigner reports Tyler, the Creator to police after onstage tirade… via @thevineonline

— Collective Shout (@CollectiveShout) June 9, 2013

Tyler was not happy about it but we can't republish his reply.

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Lots of memories last week of Pope John XXIII's death 50 years ago on 3 June 1963. CNS re-published their original 1963 report:

A worldwide death watch came to an end at 7:49 p.m. (2:49 p.m. EDT) June 3, almost 20 hours after Pope John XXIII murmured his last words praying for the union of all Christians.

The Pontiff’s last breath freed him of the agony which brought the world to his side by every modern means of communication for a four-day sorrowful vigil.

 And lots more on social media:

CNS video: Come with us as we visit the Italian village where Blessed John XXIII was born

— Catholic News Svc (@CatholicNewsSvc) June 4, 2013

* * *

Lots of tributes also to Fr Andrew Greeley, the famous Chicago priest, sociologist, author of steamy novels as well as an early campaigner against clergy sex abuse, who has died at the age of 85:

A tribute to my friend, Fr. Andrew GreeleyIn Defense of Andrew Greeley…

— Fr. Robert Barron (@FrRobertBarron) June 4, 2013

Ahead of the curve: Fr. Andrew Greeley calls out the Catholic church on abuse in 1993 on "Donahue" via @rns

— Religion NewsService (@RNS) May 31, 2013

Ahead of the curve: Fr. Andrew Greeley calls out the Catholic church on abuse in 1993 on "Donahue" via @rns

— Religion NewsService (@RNS) May 31, 2013

* * *

America magazine has compiled a selection of Greeley's articles:

* * *

Closer to home, Catholic journalist Christopher Pearson has died in Adelaide:

Sad news of Christopher Pearson's passing on Friday: Talented Journalist & ACSA's 2012 Mannix Address speaker.

— ACSA (@Official_ACSA) June 9, 2013

* * *

Scott Woltze shares the story of his conversion from bankrobber to Catholic:

At the age of eighteen I had dropped out of high school and was serving time in a maximum-security prison for robbing three banks. In the decade after my release, my life resembled the American dream as I graduated from college, began doctoral studies and enjoyed an active dating life. But I only loved myself, and the promise of happiness waned with each passing year. Then in 2007, Christ called me out of the world through a series of supernatural experiences. This is my conversion story.

* * *

Josh Barro cites research showing that Catholics countries are among the least homophobic:

Are you gay? If you want to be accepted, your best bet is a rich country full of Catholics.

* * *

Bad Catholic reminds us of several easy to forget Catholics including Sitting Bull and Jack Kerouac.

* * *

A Chilean missionary working in Africa is making waves with his critique of the Church:

Chilean Jesuit Felipe Berríos, who left Chile three years ago to do missionary work in Africa, is back in the news again following a controversial interview the priest gave to TVN's "El Informante". The former chaplain of Un Techo para Chile's blistering attack on the institutional Church in his country left the social media buzzing and his superior, Fr. Eugenio Valenzuela, bending over backwards to apologizeto the Archbishop of Santiago and President of the Chilean Bishops' Conference, Msgr. Ricardo Ezzati.

Msgr. Ezzati simply responded by "blessing" Fr. Berrios and his work in Africa, while a spokesman for the Bishops' Conference offered a harsher assessment, characterizing Berrios' remarks as a "caricature" of the Church and a harmful one at that. Msgr. Juan Ignacio González, the bishop of San Bernardo, went further, saying of Fr. Berrios that "it hurts me to hear him speak in such a disrespectful manner. It demonstrates what we already know about Father Berrios' opinions -- exaggerated, tone deaf, with words that are often hurtful and produce no positive effect at all."

* * *

Finally, Guy Sebastian and Paulin's song for Sydney's World Youth Day 2008 is still winning awards.

So, the other night you all voted Sydney's #wydhymn the best world youth day hymn! Well done Sydney!… #wyd #rio2013

— WYD English (@wyd_en) June 8, 2013

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