CathBlog - Discrimination against Australian Catholic blogger?


The Catholic League of Australia has a blog that aims to help achieve its goal of “protecting Catholic and religious rights for all Australians”. The League offers to protect Catholics in Australia from persecution. The banner on its blog reads: “Have You been targeted for being a Catholic? We want to help You. Tell us.” 

Yesterday’s blog entry comments on the forceful entry of Muslim protesters into Cordoba’s cathedral. A Spanish court determined that the action was merely a ‘public disturbance’, and not a violation of a law which provides punishment for offences against religion. 

The League’s blogger says: “One can only shudder to think what would happen if Catholics in turn forced their way into the local mosque of the protestors and tried to pray. It seems some religions are more equal than others”. 


Australia Incognita expresses disappointment that most Australian dioceses have not indicated on their websites that they are holding “a Vigil for nascent human life in solidarity with the Pope on November 27”.  The exceptions are Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. 

Incognita comments on Saturday’s report in the Fairfax press on results of a survey that shows the number of members of religious orders in Australia has halved since 1976.  

But the blogger believes there is currently cause for optimism: “In recent years the Dominicans have managed to find a few excellent recruits who have even managed to stay the distance despite their more liberal elder brethren”. 

Under the heading “Death of a blog”, Australia Incognita has a note of solidarity for fellow blogger David Schutz of Sentire Cum Ecclesia. The page of David’s suspended blog accuses him of violating the Terms of Service of the Wordpress blog service.

Incognita has contacted Wordpress to express concern, but concludes “there is not much hope for resuscitation” (does he mean 'resurrection'?). Incognita nevertheless asks readers to “please pray for David that his blog will be back soon”.

It could be a case of persecution of Catholics, and a job for the Catholic League of Australia.


In his latest blog post, Father Bob Maguire attempts to demonstrate that he will not be manipulated by politicians.

He says he received a letter admonishing him for “throwing [his] hat into [Labor MP] Martin Foley’s ring”.

Father Bob replies:

The letter writer should know that I gave Clem Newton-Brown, Liberal candidate for Prahran, a short statement of approval. Clem’s been very supportive, as has his family, over many years, of our work with homeless/helpless people.

Politics is personal. Each of these men has been helpful. It would be churlish of me to deny their public service just because someone, allegedly a parishioner, wants to see party political endorsement where there is none.


From Brisbane, The Holy Irritant draws attention to last week’s anniversary of former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Forgotten Australians who experienced childhood abuse in Church and State Institutions. Irritant quotes from a prayer written for this month’s Jubilee Mass of the archdiocesan Catholic Justice and Peace Commission.

There’s also a link to the Online Retreat that celebrates yesterday’s 30th anniversary of the Jesuit Refugee Service.

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