Palestine: The View from Bethlehem University

Br Peter Bray FSC

What's the first thing that comes to you mind when you hear the word 'Palestinians'? If you didn't answer 'ordinary people', then you may need to watch this presentation by Bethlehem University's Br Peter Bray.

- VIDEO Br Peter Bray speaks at the Broken Bay Institute.

Brother Peter Bray FSC is the New Zealand born Vice-Chancellor of Bethlehem University in Palestine. In this video from Sydney's Broken Bay Institute, Br Peter gives an update on the issues in Palestine, major changes at Bethlehem University, and the whole question of religious freedom in Palestine.

Bethlehem University is a 'beacon of hope in the Holy Land', where 75% of the students at the University are female and 70% are Muslim. Christian and Muslim students learn together how to be leaders in a land torn by religious intolerance.

To watch this video at the CathNews YouTube Channel, CLICK HERE.