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Real Sister Acts: Nun chart-toppers and the age of vinyl

Sr Janet Mead

Sr Janet Mead's rendition of The Lord's Prayer was an international smash-hit in 1973, selling millions and pipped only by Elvis at the Grammy Awards. Sr Janet wasn't alone as a chart-topping nun of the era of vinyl. Listen in as the ABC tells the story.

- Books and Arts Daily, ABC Radio.

ABC Sound Librarians James Lee and Michael Munson spend their time uncovering gems in the ABC's vinyl collection, and this week they mined the rich vein of pop music made by nuns. 

In this radio piece from the ABC's Books and Arts Daily, they explain the background of a few vinyl tracks, including Sister Janet Mead's rendition of The Lord's Prayer.

Munson and Lee also feature a track from the 1976 album Fire, which was made by Sister Irene O'Connor in her south Sydney parish and has since become an electronic cult classic.

To listen to the program, CLICK HERE.

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