Hope: Bishop Putney's final Lenten message

Lenten Pastoral Letter

Townsville's much-loved Bishop Michael Putney was laid to rest on Monday. Watch his 2014 Lenten Pastoral Letter to the Diocese of Townsville - a message full of peace, love and hope.

'Keeping Lent will make us happy, because we will discover that no matter how tough it is at times, His death upon the Cross for us means that he will carry us through it. We will disover that His Resurrection means that no matter how much we've failed in life, He will raise us up again - and this will give us the deepest joy no matter what lies ahead.'

This moving Lenten message video was posted in early March and contains final words of wisdom from the Bishop, who lost his battle with stomach cancer later in the month.

To watch the video on YouTube, CLICK HERE.


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