Perth hospital abortion controversy

St John of God Health Care

The WA government will build a separate centre to perform 'restricted procedures' including abortions that St John of God Health Care will not provide, WA Today reports.

The West Australian government chose St John of God Health Care to operate the Midland Health Campus partly because its tender was $1.5 billion cheaper than others.

But religious beliefs prevent it doing procedures such as abortions and vasectomies, so those will be performed at a separate facility.

The Opposition suggested in parliament on Wednesday that the patients were being shunted to 'the corner of a car park,' and some callers on talkback radio questioned why a Catholic health provider had been selected to operate a mainly public hospital if it were not prepared to offer the full range of services.

But St John of God Health Care group chief executive, Michael Stanford, said the decision to build a stand-alone clinic was 'the State's decision' after the group made clear that its tender would not include certain services.

'We made it clear at the very outset of the bidding process,' Dr Stanford told ABC radio.

'The state government said, "It's not an issue." 

'It is not our preference that there is any sort of separate stand-alone clinic.'


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