Cardinal Tagle urges his pastors to make a difference

Cardinal Tagle

The Pope wants his pastors to smell like their sheep; and now Cardinal Luis Tagle of the Philippines wants his ministers, too, to seek out 'meaningful roles,' reports


Cardinal Tagle has called on ministers to focus on human rights, desctribing social involvement at the parish level as 'too weak.' The Cardinal was speaking during a forum on good governance in Quezon City. 

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has urged his ministers to take up roles in the Church where they can make a difference. 'It's good that we have many volunteers for lectors [and] commentators, but sometimes there are too many [such volunteers],' the Manila prelate said in a forum on Saturday in Quezon City.

'How come whenever we ask for a minister [to focus on] human rights, people say: "That's dangerous or scary"?' Tagle said. The Prelate lamented the fact that 'social involvement 'is often 'weak at the parish grassroots level' in his country.

'Sometimes it's just an office in the diocese instead of an active ministry in the parishes,' he said. In the same forum, Cardinal Tagle took a swipe at corrupt government officials.

'Why is it that when we are called to be pro-God, pro-life, pro-country, and pro-environment we become cowards, but when it comes to being mischievous, we are not only brave but very creative?' the Cardinal asked, adding that the world 'thirsts for good governance.'

Last week, three of the country's best known senators, Juan Ponce Enrile, Jose 'Jinggoy' Estrada and Ramon Revilla Jr were charged with plunder and graft for their alleged involvement in what has become known as the 'pork barrel' scam.

However, the country's  bishops have urged people not to rush judgment of the politicians linked to the multi-million dollar scam that allegedly channeled government funds to private individuals and groups.


Cardinal Tagle calls on ministers to focus on human rights (



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