The Jews who recognise Jesus as the Messiah

Peaceful coexistence

Jews and Palestinians are the focus of the current strife in the Holy Land.  But along with Arab Christians, there is another group referred to as 'the Living Stones.' As the region slides into turmoil, this documentary looks at Messianic Jews.

Messianic Judaism is a syncretic, religious movement that arose in the 1960s and 70s which blends evangelical Christian theology with elements of religious Jewish practice and terminology.

Messianic Judaism generally holds that Jesus is both the Jewish Messiah and God the Son (one person of the Trinity), though some within the movement do not hold to Trinitarian beliefs.

With few exceptions, both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament are believed to be authoritative and divinely inspired scripture. In addition, 'Messianic Jews observe Shabbat on Saturdays, read from the Torah, keep Jewish holidays, and wear shawls to pray. They call themselves maaminim (believers), not converts, Yehudim (Jews), not Notzrim (Christians).'

In many cases they call their places of worship synagogues, not churches, though a number of Messianic fellowships in Israel meet in church facilities. Almost all such congregations in Israel observe Jewish holidays, which they understand to have their fulfillment in Jesus.

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