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St Alberto Hurtado SJ - a musical meditation

Saint Alberto Hurtado SJ

"To be an apostle does not mean to carry a torch, to possess the light, but to be the light". Listen to a special meditation on the life of the Jesuit Alberto Hurtado, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Restoration of the Jesuits.

Saint Alberto Hurtado (1901-1952) was a Chilean Jesuit, lawyer and social worker, who in 1944 became the founder of the influential ‘Hogar de Cristo’, which aimed to provide homes and shelter to assist poor and abandoned young people in Chile.

He was dedicated to making Catholic Social Teaching more widely known and understood. He published a number of important books and founded the journal ‘Mensaje’ and in 1947 he helped establish the Chilean Trade Union Association.

He was much sought-after as an inspirational preacher and retreat director for young people. He died of cancer aged 51 and was widely revered throughout Chile for his saintliness. He was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI in 2005.

To read more and listen to this special reflection, CLICK HERE.

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