Occupy the Vatican as well!

While participating in the "Occupy Wall Street" protests in lower Manhattan, I have begun to wonder what would happen if Catholics took this model and applied it to their passion for and grievances with their own church.

Imagine a group of Catholics whose deep care for the future of their church is matched by their sense of responsibility to name, protest and change what is intolerable about that church today:

in the form of nonviolent physical occupation of spaces, in the form -- necessarily imperfect and unruly -- of democratic organisation, in the form of continued open-ended articulations of visions of a different Catholic Church, without prematurely forcing the movement to take on a specific agenda.

And yes, in the form of consciousness-raising and of direct action. This would be the Catholic version of the Arab Spring, to combat the long Catholic Winter.

What would the compelling love be for you that would make you consider joining such a movement?

What would be the last straw that would make you join such a movement?

Or, like the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, would the precipitating awareness that would lead you to join such a movement simply be a recognition of the intractibilty of the the near invisibility, in everyday church governance, of the overwhelming majority (all non-ordained persons) as compared to the small minority (the ordained)?

– Tom Beaudoin

FULL ARTICLE: What If "Occupy Wall Street" Could Be Attempted in the Catholic Church? (America)


Thomas M. Beaudoin (Santa Clara University)

Occupy Wall Street (Wikipedia)

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