Charlie Mayne helped bring Cardijn to Australia

I can say that, unwittingly, I was following Cardijn's principles in my desire to set up a Young Catholic Students Group in my first years of teaching at Sacred Heart School in New Town.

I was inspired to set this group in motion in our school because of a chance meeting with a Jesuit priest, called Fr Charlie Mayne. He was an Irishman, but you'd hardly know it.

And you'd hardly know that he was the Rector of our Seminary that served a number of dioceses, including our own, Hobart.

Fr Charlie. at the entrance to the Seminary, to greet one of the many guest speakers he had invited to address the students.

Why not?

He was so intensely shy, and uncomfortable about meeting people. He had developed a number of mannerisms. The same with his voice. What you'd expect to be a rich Irish brogue came out in a hesitant way that invited imitation.

What added to the temptation was that he accompanied his words with hand movements which made him the delight of every student who had the urge to "do a Charlie".

But he turned out to be one of the best Rectors they'd ever had. In a slightly subtle way, he made a quantum leap. 

- Sr Mary Noonan


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