The campaign to save altar girls


America magazine has launched a campaign  to “Save The Altar Girls.”

It seems that the practice has barely been in place for five minutes yet already there is a backlash against it, with a number of American dioceses ruling it out. 

Their rationale – quoted by the rector of Sts Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona – is that only allowing boys as altar servers leads to more priestly vocations.

Without wanting to come down in favour of either side of the debate, we’d like to see the rector’s evidence for that assertion.

America’s take on it is that it flies in the face of pronouncements made during Vatican Council II, which said that by virtue of baptism,  “there is neither male nor female, for you are all ‘one’ in Christ Jesus.”

In its indignant denouncement of the return to boys-only, America says “one wonders if next the altar rail will return, another barrier between the priests and the people.”

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